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Logisys came into existence in 1987 and is active in university automation since 1990. It has achieved credibility by offering practical, easy to understand and implement and highly cost effective solution across the country for central universities, state universities, deemed universities and autonomous institutions. Logisys is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation and has strong R & D team that ensures the company is always ahead the competition in introducing path-breaking reforms in the area of University automation in general and examination automation in particular. Logisys provides end to end university automation that benefits all stake holders under the product name - Takshila.
Logisys has pan India presence and has provided service to several universities in the state of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Pondicherry, Gujarat, Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Meghalaya. The mere mentioning of so many states indicates the versatility of the software and the ease in adopting the software as per local needs. By using the products available under Takshila, the institution can reduce the use of paper significantly as the mode of communication with stake holders will be shifted rom conventional paper based to electronic based format such as e-mail, SMS and other modes. The Takshila suite provides stake holder specific portals as the needs vary from one stake holder to another stake holder.

Another salient feature of Takshila - University Automation Suite is that it can be easily integrated with all popular payment gateways. The payment gateway module can also be integrated with dedicated portals of Banks and Post Office. This helps students / colleges to pay university related fee / payments by using Credit Card / Debit Card as well as pay at Bank and Post Offices. The automation suite is aptly named as Takshila - (also known as Takshashila / Taxila), the first modern university. The flaqship module under the suite is Examination Management System (EMS). Though it is one of the several important activities of an university, it is the department which is seen as face of the university and hence needs to operate at the highest degree of integrity and efficiency. The Examination Management System as well as all the modules under University Automation Suite - Takshila, provided by Logisys is modular in nature and the user can pick and chose the module according to their needs. All the modules except result computation are web enabled and works under Cloud environment. For security reasons, and as per the wishes of majority of the institutions, the examination result computation is restricted to work under Dedicated Network environment. The important modules with its salient features are detailed below.


Examination Managment System (EMS)

The Examination Management System (EMS) is a system created with the objectives to assist various types of users to manage and monitor the examination activities.

Secure Online Delivery of Question Papers

Universities conducting high stake examinations grapple with examination paper security. Question paper leakage can mar their reputation and hinder their quest of producing alumni that become the leaders of tomorrow.

Answer Book Managment (after exam)

Answer book packing slip is generated at colleges based on students present and the information is updated on the portal.

Valuation Managment System (after exam)

The Valuation Management System (VMS) is an online tool for order processing, order management, status tracking, issue communication, and PDF delivery for valuation requests placed through the Consolidated Valuation Order Process.

Entrance Examination / Councelling

To ensure the quality teaching-learning process in Institutions, right from the entry of the student through competition, streamlining of admissions is one of the important parameters.

Certificate Managment System

The Certificate Management System (CMS) is the leading product for issuing and managing certificates across devices and services.

Database and Management System

A database management system (or DBMS) is essentially nothing more than a computerized data-keeping system.

Takshila Digital Valuation

Digital evaluation is an online paper checking system that automates the entire exam evaluation process, thereby making it more transparent and efficient.

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