Examination Managment System

Highly parameterised, supports all type of examinations such as annual, semester, multi-mode. Can easily be installed at all type of universities such as affiliation based university, campus based PG only universities, Deemed to be universities, Private universities, autonomous colleges, etc.

◉ Inter-disciplinary subjects which is the current trend in university system.

◉ Multiple valuations of answer script

◉ Conventional valuation as well as Digital Valuation

◉ Marks of theory papers is captured at the source of valuation thus ensuring     accuracy and efficiency of the system

◉ Roomwise printing of Invigilator's dairy

◉ On the day of examination, colleges upload examination statistics such as     number of students present / absent / malpractice (unfair means), etc. By     this information, university / institution can plan for the valuation with great     ease

◉ All marks from colleges are captured through web portal

◉ Practical batch preparation and subsequent marks entry is web enabled

◉ Students can pay examination fee online and can download the     examination hall ticket / admit card by themselves

◉ Results are computed and hosted on internet within 30 minutes from the     time of completion of valuation.

◉ Students can view / download the marks statement from the web.

◉ Question paper indent generation with dispatching schedule

◉ Despatching of blank answer books to colleges

◉ Room preparation for examination including Register Number/ Roll Number     allotment

◉ Students can apply for other services such as Revaluation / Retotalling /     copy of answer book, etc. online by paying prescribed fee

◉ Students can apply for duplicate marks card / Degree other documents     online including

◉ Appointment / work order to teachers and other members can be sent     electronically. All the bills get generated automatically on completion of     stipulated work. The bill thus generated also gets transferred to finance     section for payment automatically.

Secure Online Delivery of Question Papers

Answer Book Managment (after exam)

Valuation Managment System (after exam)

Entrance Examination / Councelling

Certificate Managment System

Database and Managment System

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