College database

College level information provided will help the students know the quality of education offered at these respective institutions. It also helps university officials when they visit the colleges to carryout affiliation related inspection. Some of the information maintained through this module are

  • ▬ Infrastructure at colleges
  • ▬ Courses offered with prescribed intake
  • ▬ Communication details
  • ▬ Faculty details
  • ▬ Organisation details

Teacher's database

This module helps in maintaining database of teachers working in their organisation along with their academic skills and also the responsibilities carried out by them for college / universities in various capacities. Teachers database is essential both colleges and university and hence needs to be maintained uptodate at all times. Some of the information maintained through this module are

  • ▬ Unique identity to teachers
  • ▬ Contact information
  • ▬ Academic details
  • ▬ Personal details
  • ▬ Positions held in the college at different stages
  • ▬ Work carried out for university

Meeting Management System (MMS)

MMS, enables University to prepare and manage its meetings. Unique feature of this module is voice recording of the discussion / deliberations of the meeting. Some of the salient features of this module are

  • ▬ Identifying different bodies including member details
  • ▬ Sending invitation letter, e-mail / SMS to Members
  • ▬ Agenda preparation
  • ▬ Live Voice recording
  • ▬ Proceedings preparation in multi-lingual
  • ▬ Action taken and followup

Ph.D Management System (PMS)

PMS, provides end to end solution to manage Ph.D related activities. Some of the salient features of PMS are

  • ▬ Registration and Payment - Online Registration and payment of prescribed fee through payment gateway
  • ▬ Student Profile - Maintain student profile and create login to check status
  • ▬ Status of presentations / Submissions Build Examiners Profile
  • ▬ Appointment of Examiners - Communicate and receive consent. Reminders through mail / sms/letter
  • ▬ Send Synopsis - Send Synopsis either soft copy / hard copy to the examiners and track the receiving of recommendations, comments, check lists and marks. Reminders through mail/sms/letter.
  • ▬ Viva Examiner Selection and intimation to the concerned departments
  • ▬ Results Approval by VC
  • ▬ Committee Cases
  • ▬ Thanks letters to Examiners
  • ▬ Payment to Examiners
  • ▬ Pending cases - Level to level pending status
  • ▬ Archiving - Archive the thesis submitted and related information like examiners recommendations, comments etc
  • ▬ Search Option - Provide search option to check the status of thesis submitted

Visitors Monitoring System (VMS)

This module provides facility to university to monitor type of visitors at University. The system provides insight into the reasons due to which visitors are at university and helps the university management to render qualitative service. Some of the features of VMS are

  • ▬ Upload appointment slots
  • ▬ Visitors to take appointment - online / manual
  • ▬ Reminder to officials regarding appointments
  • ▬ Inform visitors in case of appointment rescheduling / cancellation
  • ▬ Monitor reasons of visit and arrive at common reasons
  • ▬ Monitor type of visitors
  • ▬ Statistical reports of visitors and the purpose
  • ▬ Manage visitors without pre-appointments

Student's grievance system

This module provides facility to students of the university to register their grievance Each and every grievance of the student will be considered by its merit and will be addressed within prescribed time limit. Student's grievances are routed through proper channels according to the nature of grievance. Higher authorities will have option to monitor the grievance addressing and can intervene in case of delayed addressing of student's grievances. Some of the features of the system are

  • ▬ Registration of grievance - online / offline
  • ▬ Printing of acknowledgment along with date / time by which the said grievance will be addressed
  • ▬ Routing of grievance to departments / officials depending on the nature of grievance
  • ▬ Escalation of grievances to higher officials in case of delayed in addressing student's grievances
  • ▬ Generate MIS reports to analyse the most common grievances so as to provide permanent solution for the same

Other Modules of University Automation System

  • ▬ Convocation related activities
  • ▬ Certification authentication system
  • ▬ Admission management including admission approval
  • ▬ Affiliation management
  • ▬ Statutory officers activities management
  • ▬ Synopsis/ Dissertation databank
  • ▬ Scholarship management
  • ▬ Grants/ funds / project management
  • ▬ Placement cell
  • ▬ Alumni activities
  • ▬ Events/ Seminar management
  • ▬ Inventory control
  • ▬ Activity tracking system
  • ▬ File tracking system
  • ▬ Asset management including maintenance schedule
  • ▬ Finance management
  • ▬ Employee management/ Payroll
  • ▬ Construction management
  • ▬ Hostel management
  • ▬ Transport management
  • ▬ Garden management
  • ▬ Security management
  • ▬ Guest House management
  • ▬ SC/ST cell management
  • ▬ Smart phone Apps for students/ colleges / public
  • ▬ Web portal for universities

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