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All your Solutions Regarding University Management

Secured online delivery of question Papers
  • Multiple sets of question papers are made available
  • Colleges download encrypted question papers on the day of examination, print the same and distribute to students
  • Student's grievance is addressed within few minutes.
  • Any anomaly in question papers are solved at the shortest possible time
  • In case of wrong question paper, question paper can be replaced within minutes, thus avoiding the inconvenience to all concerned
  • In case of examination postponement, it is easy to reschedule the delivery of question papers
Answer Book Management
  • Answer book packing slip is generated at colleges based on students present and the information is updated on the portal
  • At receiving centers, each and every answer bundle is given unique numberfortracking and monitoring
  • Reconciliation details are updated into the system and automatic reports are generated and sent to relevant stake holders in case of discrepancy
  • Coding of answer books/assigning of fake numbers to answer books are carried out to conceal student's identity
  • Valued answer books are assigned another unique number for security reasons and are stored separately
Valuation Management
  • Registration of examiners assigned for valuation work
  • Answer books for valuation are bundled into packets and kept ready for distribution based on chairman's directions
  • Marks are captured in front of examiners on completion of valuation
  • Examiners cross check the printed marks list against the original marks listand certify for the accuracy, afterwhich marks will be prevented from modification
  • Valuation marks updated into the main system on continuous basis
  • Examiner's work done statement and bill for valuation are generated automatically on completion of valuation
  • Facilitates speedy announcement of results with accuracy
Certificate Management

Students need various types of documents / certificates from university such as No objection certificate, Provisional Degree certificate, Degree certificate, Migration certificate, etc. Through this system,students can update all their details along with scanned images of the required documents. This data is linked to the university system and if the authenticity is established, then appropriate certificate is printed along with security features

  • Online Applications registration by students
  • Payment of stipulated fee by multiple modes
  • Verification of documents submitted by students
  • Print certificate with secured features including QRcode
Entrance Examination
  • Computer based online entrance examination
  • OMR based offline entrance examination
  • Online examination application /fee payment
  • Download examination hall ticket
  • Merit list computation / announcement
  • Offline councelling based on student's preference
  • Online councelling at one/ multiple locations
  • Allotmentofstudentstocolleges